My podcast project

My first podcast project

Title: What have I learnt in ICT4ELT

Main objective: Students will think about what they learnt during the course, how useful it was for their future teaching. Self-reflection, feedback on the course.

Procedure: Students will use Voxopop to comment on our ICT course, there will be individual 1 to 2 minute entries. The finished podcast will be placed in the class Wiki, where results of their classwork can be seen as well.

My second podcast project

Title: English speaking people from all over the world

Main objective: Intercultural awareness, raised awareness of different accents, learning to work with Audacity.


1. Presentation of teacher's example interview with people from different countries, introduction of the project, explanation of the procedure.
2. In our ICT lessons students will learn how to work with Audacity.
3. Students will decide about topics they want to cover in their interviews - it can be anything related to the culture of particular countries - topics can range from the most popular holidays and festivals to favourite meals or sports. Each student will choose a different topic so that the final project covers the culture of different countries. 
4. Students will investigate among their foreign friends and make a list of those who would be willing to help in our class project. They will make another list of people abroad willing to give interviews to more than one student. 
5. Interviews will be recorded - Skype, Skype recorder.
6. Recordings will be processes in Audioboo.
7. The whole project will be published in our class Wiki by the end of the term.

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